PHOTO: imnotambrosia
Mood: Okay, need to fresh myself up, I'm so tired.
Outfit: Stonewashed jeans - Cheap Monday. High heel biker-boots - Dr. Martens. Sailor shirt - Vintage. Jewels: Cupcake necklace - Juicy Couture & Vintage bracelet.
Hair: Braid, the easiest thing my mind could come up with.
Need: Sugar, he he. No, I need a good movie and some sleep.
Song: Anyone Else But You - The Moldy Peaches, the one from "Juno".
Fav thing: New high heels and soft and nice bed waiting for me.
Fav person: Laura (lama-itsallgood.blogspot.com) - The best friend ever, and Leonora the sweet person, that I was sitting in my dark room, and watced Sex And The City with all day.
I love you readers, thanks // MAJA.