Nr. 95. Taylor Momsen

Short leather jacket, little dress, sandals, ray bans and wavy hair. I like.
Lindsay Lohan and taylor Momsen at a fashionshow. Love their hair, loose and kind of random.
Her lovely tights + oversize navy shirt, I love.
My favorite taylor momsen dress ever! So lovely.

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Taylor Momsen.
What to think?
Some people hate her style and think she looks trashy. Some people love her style. What do you think? I think she looks cool, her style is kind of grunge, and I like that. I love the look of her tights on photo 3 - I have to get a pair of tights like them!
I think her dress on photo 4 is amazing. Love the leopard pattern with the sequins. Very cute. Which looks are your favorite? Mine are photo 3 and 4.