the game we are playing

sorry that i have not updated for like a year. I've got news, i have fallen in love, i'm oh so in love. The boys name is Frederik. He's lovely, oh so lovely lovely lovely. He is tall, brown hair, green eyes, and he is so sweet to me. I could write books about him, haha. by the way, sorry the picture is so small! I love my ChloƩ sweat, I got it from my grandmother. Its very classic and i can use it to everything! The material is so soft, and the line og blak velvet in the middle, gives it a little touch of roughness, but as I said before its still classic. Which I love.
I have so much more to tell you, but oh so little time. See you soon.

- hat, Borsalino
- sweatshirt, ChloƩ
- black top underneath, H&M
- jeans, Cheap Monday
- shoes, nike
taken in new york at flat iron. kisses maja.