Pre-sale Jimmy Choo for H&M

wow, last night was amazing! I was invited to the Pre-sale for Jimmy Choo for H&M. It was crazy, there was hundreds of ladyes standing in the rain, waiting to come in. My mom and i got in and we got photographed to "Eurowoman" - a Danish fashion magazine. Everybody wanted the shoes so all the people ran down of the stairs, and then the catfight begun! People were running around and shouting to get the shoes. It was a mess. It was unreal, like im used to see it on films. I thought it was a lot of fun to fight about the shoes and the jewelrys! I got photographed by a girl who's the owner of a big danish blog ( ) she was so sweet! This was what I got: Big necklace big shiny bracelet Leather bracelet Big sweater im wearing on the pic but its not Jimmy Choo. I didnt brought any shooes ): i was about to take some, but i dint. love maja.
- Big necklace, Jimmy Choo for H&M
- Big shiny bracelet, Jimmy Choo for H&M
- Leather bracelet, Jimmy Choo for H&M
- Big sweater, H&M
- Shoes, Zara in NY.
- i know its all from H&M, a little bit boring :)