I'm going to be blogging at Trendsales who have and does house a bunch of very good bloggers - among others the talented Nicklas Skovgaard, The Filippa & Momo.

I will be blogging like normally and you can keep on visit because it will be a direct link to my Trendsales blog.

I have about 3 outfits and two new-ins ready for you, so stay tuned, it's going to be exiting!

I hope you'll all follow me on my little adventure, I think it's going to be really good.

Thanks for (almost) 2 years on blogspot, they've been lovely! The blog would have been nothing without you guys! Really.

PS. This blog will be made in to a link tomorrow, but until then visit me here


Finally got my computer back in good condition, so... I'm back on the blog! I can't wait to get started again. And guys stay updated, because tomorrow the blog is going on new adventures... Stay tuned it's going to be exiting!

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Also, I want to ask you sweethearts a question and I really need to hear the answer, so I can try to make the blog better.
What do you want to see more of on the blog?


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Picture from My Blomquist via Modellbloggen

I want to wear this dress when the summer arrives! Isn't it cute? I can imagine wearing this with my Won Hundred platform ballerinas, a pair of retro sunglasses, oversize bag and messy hair. Oh, makes me want summer!

The dress is from Emma O and available here (link) for €45 - nice price, too!
It's made by the very talented blogger behind one of my favorite blogs - Modellbloggen.


Hey guys! I've missed you + blogging so much, but I still haven't got my comuter back, so I can't really upload pictures. Therefore I thought, why not post some of my old looks? So I'm doing two posts dedicated to old looks posted on the blog... And there's quite a lot! So here we go, enjoy babes!

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Shirt - H&M, skirt - Vero Moda, belt - vintage, necklace - bought in New York.
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Shirt - Miu Miu, belt - vintage, shorts - vintage, shoes - Acne, earcuff - Anni J├╝rgenson.
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Shirt/dress - gifted, jacket - vintage, belt - vintage, tights - Max Mara, shoes - Acne.
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Dress - friend's, sweater - Carin Wester, shoes - Acne (Okay, you know them by now)
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White dress - H&M, sheer black dress - Monki, sheer black shirt - H&M, tights - H&M, shoes - Acne, sunnies - fleamarket, necklace - DIY.
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Dress - Andersen & Lauth, shoes - SRxHM.

Have you got yourself a favorite look?


Hey sweets.
Sorry for not blogging for such a long time. Excuses are boring, I know! But some days ago, my beloved MacBook crashed! So right now it's getting fixed. I will return blogging normally when my computer gets back!

So untill then, stay lovely.


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Fakefur - gifted, shirt - vintage, shorts - selfmade, shoes - Won Hundred, sunnies - Juicy Couture.

Pictures from today's outfit. The weather here in Copenhagen has been really nice this weekend and I couldn't be happier! Finally, I can feel that spring is on it's way. I had a great weekend spent with some lovely people. Enjoy your Sunday evening!


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Dress - Cos, shorts - H&M, shoes - Won Hundred, necklace - mom's from Georg Jensen.

Very simple outfit from yesterday. Wearing a brand new dress from Cos. Very nice and simple. I think I'll show you a picture of it along with a new catsuit and some other nice stuff. Also, the Won Hundred shoes in action again! Well, today's been really nice for me. And tomorrow I'm meeting up with some girls that I've missed this week, so that'll be nice! What about you? Are you fine?



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Maxi cardigan - secondhand, c-through shirt - Weekday, black dress - borrowed from friend, shoes - Won Hundred, belt - mom's old.

Wore this yesterday. Black again! And oh, see the very fashionable ironing board and bathrobes in the first pictures? Nice job Maja!

Anyway, I really like the maxi cardigan. I bought it in a little secondhand store with two friends and it was only only about $4 (20 dkk)! It's really good when I want to layer my clothing, and because I have to wear something underneath it I wear it with short dresses most of the time. I love when people wear sort/long combinations, so I thought it was my time to give it a go.


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I got these yesterday. I was really in doubt about the color, but ended up with the black leather/suede combination. I didn't like the brown one much when I saw them in reality. I'm sure I'm going to wear them non stop all summer! What do you think?