I thought it would be a good idea to do a little how-to guide on some of my selfmade things. Please comment if there's other of my DIY's that you want a tutorial on. (DIY = Do It Yourself)
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Use: Wire (steel wire in goden, silver - the color is up to you!), a nice stone or gem, a necklace ( I prefer them long).
Directions: Start wrapping the wire around the stone and keep doing that until the stone feels "secure" in the wire. Like it will not fall out. Then, make a little loop with the wire for the necklace. Get the necklace through the loop and - you're done!

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Use: A plain t-shirt (I find H&M's basic t-shirts from the male department the best to rip), a scissor, maybe a needle, lots and lots of patience.
Directions: I find it really hard to explain, but here's a good tutorial (Press link)

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Use: Two peacock feathers (Those long ones, you know), a pair of earrings like these (link), some string, a scissor.
Directions: Cut the long peacock feather into shorter ones (like in picture above) and simply wrap the string around the top of the feather until it feels like the feather is secured. Then secure the feather to the earring with the string. And done!

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(Not the best picture of the shirt, but in style of Pelayo's divine shirt (link)
Use: A plain top/t-shirt, a lot of safetypins (I ordered about 200 on the internet).
Directions: It's easy but takes a lot of time. Simply start pinning the needles in the shirt right next to each other. Shape a cross.

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Use: A fox tail (I think you can buy them in fur-stores, but also on the internet), a little round key ring like the ones you carry your keys in, a scissor.
Directions: Make a little hole in the foxtail with the scissor and loop/put the little key ring into the hole. Now, it's done. Put it on a bag like I did, or something completely different.