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Sorry for lame quality and huge photos in this post!

Just ordered the beyond lovely leather turban (Yes, a leather turban!) from Carin Wester. And oh, this was a cheap find! It is originally 600 SEK (about $91) but I got it one sale for 180 SEK (about $27!) on Carins Wester's homepage. That's 70% off the original price. Quite a scoop, huh?

It was sold out in black, and since I've already got a black turban which I've worn like a maniac, I thought it would be nice to go with the kind of creme/rosy/white color turban. I can't wait for it to arrive! I know it'll be perfect for summer, because I (as any other person, haha) will be wearing tons of white garments.

Find the turban on sale right here (link)
Just press one of the photos where the girl's wearing a turban in the left side.