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The thing is. I've fallen in love. Truly and deeply. My heart beats too fast, I can't think of anything else. And I knew from the start that it would be dangerous. That I had to do anything to not fall in love. Because falling in love is never easy. And I've fallen in love. Who? you might ask. Once again. I've fallen in love with Acne. First the Atacomas, now the Admires. The armygreen Admires. Oh em gee. Tried them on in Acne some days ago. I knew it was a bad idea! I gotta have those babies in my life. (link to pictures of Admires)

Anyway, I'm completely broke - so I thought of selling some clothing. I have Dolce & Gabbana shirts, a pair of Maloles flats, a bunch of Topshop stuff etc. that I don't use anymore. Would you guys be interested in me opening a salesblog?

+++ some of you seemed really interested in my ripped tees. I even got a bunch of mails asking if I sold them. Would you be interested in me making some ripped tees, then selling them?