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Wearing: Isabel Marant dress, Maloles shoes, vintage parka and vintage sunnies.
This was what I wore the day before I took to Sweden. I know you've seen the Isabel Marant dress a thousand times, but I never ever get tired of wearing it. As many other danish bloggers I'm traveling a lot at the moment, because we are having vacation in Denmark (Am I being stupid here? Are you having vacation too?) Anyway, I'm off to my family's house on Mallorca this Thursday! I'm really excited, but I'm feeling kind of guilty because I'm not going to be blogging just as much as I should. I belive there is internet in our house, but I'm not completely sure. If there is internet I'll be blogging a little, but if there's no internet, I won't (wow, this is really rock science, Maja!) Kind of a pointless post, but I hope you guys enjoy. I love you all, xoxo.