Hey guys! It haven't been in forever, I'm so sorry! I'm enjoying Mallorca very, very much. It's all about being in the pool, going to cafés, shopping, sunbathing & cafe lattes in the sun with some of the best people in the world. Anyway, I got a mail from the girl behing Oh so boheme, who asked if she could do a feature about me on her blog. I answered yes right away, and answered the question she asked me. You can see the feature here, but I decided to show you the questions + answers here!

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NAME: Maja Ravn
HOMETOWN: Copenhagen
no more rainy days

(1) Why did you start blogging and what's you're favourite thing about it? I started blogging because I'd seen other peoples blog, and found that I could contribute with something. My favorite thing about blogging is actually everything. I love hearing from people who are reading my blog, I love sharing my photos with people, I love the friends I have made through blogging.

(2) Your style icons? My style icons are Twiggy, because she is shizzling stunning. Alexa Chung, because she always looks effortless cool and classic with a twist.

(3) Where do you get your inspiration? I find inspiration many different places. On blogs, in magazines (my favorites are Cover, Vogue, Eurowoman and Elle), and on the street. When I see people on the streets wearing something cool, I get all crazy, run home and try to find something in my closet that gives the same vibe to the look.

(4) Your favourite blogs or other web reads you look at daily? Uh, I look at many blogs.fashionbones.wordpress.com, pagik.dk, stylebykling.tv4.se, anywho.dk and so on. I find blogs craaaazy inspiring!

(5) Do you have any advice for other bloggers out there? Advice? Um, I dont know if I'm the right to ask, but if you want to start a blog, then my advice would be - do it your own way, dont care what other people think about you'r style, you'r blog. It's you'r blog, and you dont have to give a shit. It sound so rude, but there will always be haters, and don't let them break you'r fun in blogging.