While I'm off to Mallorca for 9 days (I'll blog a little, promise!) all you Danish people should go to the Forrest and Bob sample sale! I can't, because of traveling and I won't complain, but ah... I would love to attend the sale. I found out that I was traveling tomorrow, not yesterday - I'm so confused, ha ha. NOTE: picture+text via Charlotte D (link). Airkisses to you babes!

Come visit the Forrest & Bob showroom at OVERGADEN OVEN VANDET 10, 2. FLOOR, 1415 COPENHAGEN K, Thursday 08/07/2010 – Saturday 10/07/2010 & Monday 12/07/2010 – Wednesday 14/07/2010 from 12.00-17.00. Prices from 50% – 70% of!

Please note that we accept cash only.