Dear sweet, fantastic Burberry Prorsum jacket.
Please, stop being so attractive. You are really one of the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The way you look soft as butter, and really warm and comfortable, is really really cute.
And that big collar is also really awesome! You would look chic with all of my clothes, and you would have fun being together with my clothes! You could marry my stonewashed jeans, my Chanel bag, or my cute minidress, and chill out with them. They are all really sweet, and you don't have to be shy, they will be good to you from day one! You are truly the coolest leather jacket I have ever seen. If you would come visit my closet, it would be nice. My closet is big, and warm, and there is lots of space for you. You are perfection, will you please be mine? Answer yes, yes, yes, or yes. xoxo.