I was just about to write this post with caps lock on, because I'm so excited, but I know how annoying that is, so I'll quit the caps! Anyway I'm excited, because guess what I found when I wax searching through my childhood closet. A VERSACE DRESS, YES MY OLD VERSACE DRESS. I was about to die, because I thought I wouldn't fit it, but I tried it on, and it fitted me perfectly! Ah, I love it. It's kind of military chic, and oh, how I enjoy that! Sorry for the bad photos, but I just wanted to show you guys the dress. What do you think? I'm in love.
And then I have another good message. We have reached 100 followers! 81 on google, and 27 on bloglovin' - that means 108 followers! I want to thank you guys for following, it means so much to me! I'm so happy right now, I never thought I would get so many readers! Then something really, really exciting for you guys. Those who have followed me in a long time, will know that I have talked about a giveaway when I reached 100 followers. And hey, that's now! I have some super plans in my head, so stay tuned!