New thing on the blog: Blog of the week. I'll choose one of my favorite blog at the moment, and write a little note about it.

Pernille is a cool 16 years old blogger from Copenhagen. She blogs about her favorite fashion shows, everything that inspires her, her everyday life, and shows us her gorgeous outfits. She has a cool style, and she is one of those gifted persons - she makes black in black, look not boring at all, thats difficult! She mixes different styles, such as rock chic and boheme, and Im always very excited at what shes wearing. She is the lucky (!) owner of a pair of Atacomas, and that makes her looks even more flawless to me, since I love those shoes. Check her blog out here! Ps, she drawed the drawing on photo 1 herself, pretty cool, huh? See you later guys, xoxo.