Guess who is going to the Wood Wood A/W 2010 show at Copenhagen Fashion Week.
Me, hell yeah!
I'm so so so excited, its going to be so much fun. I'll write a post about the show. The musthave items this season, the shapes, the colors, the trends, the materials and so on! And, the best of it is that maybe I'm going backstage, and then I'll get an inteview with the chef designer, Karl. Oh my god. I cant wait.
Maybe I'm going to the Minimarket, and I'm on the waiting-list to go to the Designers Remix Collection show.

- What do you guys want to see/hear about from the shows?

And then, there is a tiny little thing... No, a HUGE thing. WHAT TO WEAR?
I have thought about leather panties, transparent cheap monday shirt, Dr. Martens, A. Wang inspired braid and fur vest. What do you sweethearts think?