Checkered shirt - dads oldie.
Sweatshirt underneath - Alis.
Black tights - ?
Hat - Vintage Borsalino.
Sequin bag - Gina Tricot.
Crazy snakeskin shoes - H&M.

Hey sweethearts.
This is todays look, or, I didnt wear the crazy snakeskin heels in school - that would have cost me many comments (like Im not that used to that!), and their faaaaaar to high to actually walk in! - So I was just playing dress up with the shoes.

What are you lovely guys summerlook going to be?
I have wrote about my summerlook before, but my summerlook is going to be:
Brown legs, Dr. Martens, trashed tee with print, jeans shorts, cat-like sunglasses and a nice A. Wang knock off, if I can find one!
Then, I really need a maxi dress for summer!
Do you guys know where to buy a nice and cheap maxi dress?