Hello lovelys. How are you guys? I'm fine.
First, I just wanted to thank you guys for posting really sweet comments, it really makes me smile, and I'm trying to answer all of them and visit you'r blogs.

And then I wanted to show you this video from Sonia Rykiels ss 2o10 show from Paris fashion week. I really adore this video. First, because of the clothes. I have always adored Sonia Rykiels shows, because of her ability to mix different styles, and this seasons show was no exception. I think Sonia Rykiel, has that really rare ability to always surprise people, with something they had never imagined as fashionable - but her designs always looks so damn good.
Another thing that I adore, is how the designs is kind of elegant 60's like, but also kind of crazy 80's like because of the colors. I belive thats a good mix, although it sounds wierd.
Second, because of the show itself. First, when I saw the models dancing down the runway, I was like "what?", because I really wasnt expecting that. But I really enjoy how the models are having a party on the runway! Usually, the models are sooooo serious, so I think it is nice with a change, just to make it all funnier.

-What do you guys think about it? Do you want more videoposts?