Vivienne Westwood - my favorite, so cool with the net!
Sean John - Oh I also adore this, kind of fashion forward.
Oria Kiehly - Kind of girly and I like that.
Lulu Guinness - Oh, this is sweeeeet, wan't it!

Levi Strauss - I don't really know what to think here. I have seen something like this before.
Ben Cho - He doesnt use leather, so he took away the whole leather part, and only saved the sole, haha.

Hey sweeties. First I just wanted to thank all of you who saw me on FASHION, WHAT? and now follow me, I'm SO glad! And then I want to thank Kat for the sweet post about me http://www.thetrashedfashion.com/ - Gosh, it came as a big surprise, and it totally saved my day, all my love to you xxx.

Then, I want to tell you a little bit about the pictures above. Because of Dr. Martens nearly fifty years in fashion, the iconic boots are getting some makeovers. Designers like Vivienne Westwood, Ben Cho, Lulu Guinness and many others, have redesigned the classic red eight-hole boot. I really really really enjoy these cool boots. I especially adore the Vivienne Westwood ones, the Lulu Guinness and the Sean John ones. Wich do you prefer?
This is all very cool, but you can't buy these shoes, there are only made one pair of each.
So if you like these shoes just as much as I do, then we just have to DIY our Dr. Martens!
Take for example, the Vivienne Westwood ones with the net. You could make some just like them if you have some net and a gluegun. I WAN'T TO DIY A PAIR OF DR. MARTENS!
P.S. I'm off from school today, and I'm maybe going to purchase a cooooool Metallica tee with fringes - or at least DIY one like it. Photos are on their way.