Dree Hemmingway, this was how she looked when she left the Giles ss 2010 show. I want to hug any show/designer, that makes models leave the show looking this cool!
She rocks!

I want my "soon-summer"-look to be like this!
Wavy - and really beautiful hair //thanks to Giles for this idea!// In a crazy color - what do would you guys say if I showed up really blonde with pink in the tips of my hair?
A black blazer with sharp shoulders, and sailor stripes undernath.
Cat-like sunglasses that I have talked about so many times before - MUSTHAVE!
Leather panties - I want leather pant, have I told you about that before? No, dont think so.
- And last but not least, the perfect platform shoes. I dont think that I would choose this color, but who cares - the shoes are gorgeous!