Giles ss 2010
Giles ss 2010

Sonia Rykiel.

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Hey lovelies.
I so need a pair of funny sunnies (its not summer, and not even close - I know. But I somehow needed to make myself belive that its time for sunglasses, eventhough its not, haha) My favorites are the cat-like Giles ones, the lace-ones, and the heart-ones. HEART SHAPED SUNGLASSES! I havent worn that since I was 5 - its so time for getting a pair!
I really enjoy the heart-ones, I think it looks hot with the wavy hair and a plain white top.

Then, guess who got the Coco sweater from (Gosh, I had to wait long time before the mailman came) and checkered Dr. Martens today! Photos on their way, but I looked to crappy for photoshoot today - well, its sunday so its ok.

Chanel DIY-project via: myfashiondiary

Then, look at that piece of beauty above!
I so want to do one like it.
Chanel have always been, is, and will always be perfection, so I think its funny to play a little bit with the fact, and wear something like the one on the photo.

I also want to talk to you guys about a idea I got today.
I think it would be kind of cool with some blogger-to-blogger projects, so I thought that maybe, if someone was fresh - I could make a blogger-to-blogger inteview. Or the other way around, if you want to inteview me. If anyone is fresh, then let me hear from you on my email: