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Hey guys! How are you? I can't believe last time I posted was Wednesday. It feels like yesterday - time just rushes by these days. School, friends, family, homework etc. You know all the excuses! But I really will try to blog more, because one time every 4th day isn't good enough.

I wore the outfit above yesterday when I drank mint tea and smoothies on one of my favorite caf├ęs The Living Room with Helena. I don't think I'll ever stop wearing black - just as much as I want to wear colorful outfits, I always end up wearing black. I really do love black.

I'm wearing the tight Acne dress that I got for Christmas which I've been living in since then. The cardigan is borrowed from my friend, I love these kind of draped cardigans! Else it's the usual Dr. Martens, vintage rings and wraistlet.

Ps. This song is my favorite at the moment. Listen!