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Someone requested that I did something like this - ideas for outfits for all the upcoming parties. Since christmas, new years eve and a lot of other occasions for dressing up is just around the corner we girls (and boys ofc.) must certainly stand together and try to share good outfit-ideas! Since I always find choosing a part outfit difficult, because I always end up being totally overdressed (but it's okay, I've gotten used to it now.) I usually just end up throwing on my always-safe-look. A little black dress. Of course. What else?

I like wearing just a little black dress, a pair of funny high heels, my hair down, a dark purple lipstick on my lips, a jacket/chunky cardigan and then a little silver jewelry (big silver earrings - latest obsession!) to sweeten it up a bit.

Tell me, do you have any good ideas for party-outfits? Would be greatly appreciated.


From left to right: Tibi , Stella McCartney, Versus, Topshop, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Acne, YSL dark lipstick, YSL shoes, Topshop earrings.


While browsing through one of my favorite blogs - Elin Kling, I stumbled over this amazing sweater. It's from H&M's Spring/Summer 2011 collection, and I tell you, I got to get my hand on this baby when it hits the stores. I love the detailing on the back, the color and the sheer material. It's nice, right? It would look fierce with a pair of black, skinny jeans, my Carin Wester shoes (link) and a high ponytail.

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.


the very sweet Alissa from asked me if I wanted to do an interview for their Fashion Bloggers Q&A-page, and ofc. I wanted to. You can see what the interview ended up like HERE (link) and I thought I'd post it here.

Maja Ravn

The incredibly fashionable Maja tells us about living in Denmark, her favorite pieces from her wardrobe and her love for sushi. She is one seriously stylish teen, who blogs regularly about her latest items and outfits.

Maja Ravn Blog1. How would you describe your style?
I would describe my style as quite mixed. I guess I'm a combination of an old lady with fur coats, jewels and nice dresses and a crazy teenager . Yes, that would be me.

2. What is your favourtie outfit you've posted on your blog?
Uhm. That one's tough! I guess I like my all-black outfits the most because they always work. But else I would say this.

3. Tell us your favorite things about the place you live, and where your favorite place to travel is and why?
I live in Denmark and here's pretty cool. We've got great vintage boutiques and good food, haha. Even though I like Denmark I always feel like traveling. My favorite place is New York! Where else?! I've only been there once, but I seriously fell in love. The whole atmosphere was great, just how I like it. Always something exciting going on or some crazy people on the streets.

4. Who / what / where inspires you?
My grandma inspires me. I think she has great style. It's very classic, but with a twist. Also, the streets of Copenhagen are the place to go when you're 0% inspired. Here there are always inspirational people walking around.

5. What is your most worn item in your closet?
My most worn pieces must be my Acne Atacoma shoes or my Balenciaga bag. Clothing-wise it must be a simple LBD (little black dress). Goes with everything, a must-have!

6. How do you put together an outfit?
I would love to say something really fancy, but I'm not that fancy at all. I stand in front of my closet, grab some pieces and try them on. I always feel like wearing layers and wearing different materials/textures, so it usually takes quite a while for me to get dressed, because I always layer, layer, layer.

7. Your top beauty/hair must haves and tips?
I don't even know if this exists in other places than Denmark, but my beauty must-have is Vaseline. I use it for my lips, my brows and even on my eyes now and then. I'm addicted!

8. Describe your perfect day.
Waking up, no school, it's Saturday. Inviting over some friends, eat good food and just chill. Or go shopping with friends - that's always nice. But to be honest, the best days are the days you don't expect anything exciting to happen, you expect absolutely nothing. And then something happens, maybe you meet up with friends, and then the day turns into something fantastic. I love that. I wish I could live my life with no expectations at all.

Layered Winter Outfit9. If you needed to start your wardrobe again, what items would you get and where would you go shopping?
Depends on my money-situation! If I had the money I would go to Acne and buy all my basics - white, black and grey tops & t-shirts, well-fit jeans, a knitted cardigan and a pair of killer-shoes. Then I would go find a really nice, good quality leather bag and some simple jewelry. Then I would have everything needed.

10. Can you tell us 5 random facts about you?
I always sleep with my hair in a bun, always!
I cry while watching 500 Days of Summer. It's such a good movie. Sob.
I use size 37 in shoes.
Sometimes I pretend to sleep when I really don't.
I've got a Sponge Bob cover on my Iphone.

11. Favorite food?
I love all kinds of food. But sushi is great! Sushi must be the answer then. (Sorry pasta!)


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These shorts from Bitching & Junkfood are ridiculously cool! I found them when looking through Urban Outfitters homepage, and I instantly fell in love. I wouldn't style them like on the pictures above, though. I would pull them off with black tights, Atacomas and my transparent H&M shirt. So, as I sat there, drooling all over my computer while imagining them hanging in my closet, I decided that instead of buying them I would make them into a DIY-project. Since I'm sick today I had plenty of time on my hands, so I took a pair of old shorts, some black fabric and started sewing. They are not totally finished yet, but when they are - I'll show you. Cross your fingers for a good result!

You can buy the shorts here (link) for 60 pounds. They're gorgeous, right?

EDIT: Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, I have absolutely no idea what went wrong!


I filmed this video a while ago. It's a bit weird, but funny, so I thought I would post it. Listen to the good music while watching it! I hope you'll enjoy the video!



I feel like I've said this a hundred times the last couple days. I'm such a bad blogger at the moment - sorry, sorry, sorry! Really, I've got no good reasons for not blogging. I'm just busy with my life - friends, family, school, homework and so on. I hope I'll start blogging more frequent again soon, but I've just felt so uninspired these days. Therefore I ask you, and I could really, really use your advice - what do you want to see more of on the blog?


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Re-posting an old look! Actually, these pictures were taken a long time ago, but I wore something just like this some days ago. The vest is THE SH*T when it's so cold these days! I tell you, it's so soft and warm.

Thanks for all the responses about the shoes in the post below - I'm going to show you a look with them on asap. I know I always promise things like this, and then I forget everything about it. But that'll stop now! I just have so much going on - friends, school, family and yeah, just my life outside the blog. I'll try to post more frequent, really.

I hope you are all doing well. Keep warm and stay lovely.


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These shoes are what I bought this Saturday... and I love them! These really cool, snakeskin-ish, structured wedges called "Monroe" from Carin Wester are going to be as glued on my feet for a long time - I'm sure about that! I love artistic shoes with a beautiful silhouette and nice detailing, and here we have another pair to add to my little collection. I love everything about this shoe - it's classic with a twist, funny and goes with everything. I could write a hundred pages about these shoes, but I'm not going to - just tell me, what do you think about the shoes?


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Bought something absolutely amazing yesterday! I'm so excited. I'll show you tomorrow! Guess what it is?


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An outfitpost! Gee, it's been ages. I looked like this part time today - I was doing something very exiting after school, but I can't tell you... not yet!

I felt like layering today, so I put on this. Don't I always say that? I felt like layering. I guess I always feel like layering. for layering, black in black is and will always be my favorite combination. And then with a twist of silver - you've got me.

The black, draped cardigan is new - or old if you will. I bought it in a secondhand shop for like $6, and I love it! It's really comfy and super for layering. I like it over my studded American Retro jacket. The jacket is so heavy and metal-ish while the cardigan is much more light and flowy, and together it gives this weird effect. I hope you've been enjoying your day as much as I have. Love!

Wearing: Secondhand cardigan, American Retro jacket, Balenciaga bag, random pencil skirt, black, holed shirt from H&M, random rings and shoes from Acne.


Just a quick bunch of music-inspiration before I'll go eat a delicious dinner with my family. Enjoy your Wednesday!


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Picture borrowed from Buytheway (link)

At first sight - no, I wasn't in love. Then I tried them on at Acne, and damn - I fell in love. I think we are ment to be.
Acne Admire and me.


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Hey babes. This one goes out to my danish readers, because I'm selling these boots on the danish site

Jeg sælger disse lækre Dr. Martens, da de er et nummer eller to for store, og derfor får jeg ikke brugt dem. De er str. 38-39 og de er kun brugt ca. 2 gange. Se dem in action lige HER (link). Jeg købte dem for ca. 1200 kr på Net-a-Porter. Min mindstepris er 500 kr - byd lige HER (link) på Trendsales.


Todays mood: Happy. It's my little brothers birthday today - 9 years old!
Todays craving: Sunlight!
Todays activity: The whole family is coming to our place to celebrate my brother later.
Todays outfit: I don't know yet! Sitting on my floor with my computer + hot cup of tea wearing my shorts and a hoodie - what to wear?!
Todays song: THIS mmmh.
Todays picture: THIS. reminds me of summer and the lovely day I spent with Pernille.
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Got the idea to shoot some face + lightgraffti pictures a while ago, and I think they ended up fine. Today's been great. School ended at 11 am and I went to my place with L, afterwards we met up with K. Then we visited the Acne - Wood Wood - Peter Jensen - Mads Nørgaard-outlet. I found nothing I liked - damn. We also had a cup of coffee on the cool cafe The Laundromat and shopped a little in some secondhand stores - I'll show you what I bought asap.

What did you do on your friday?


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Some pictures I from Spain - as promised. Ah, I miss it so much. The weather was so great (actually, it rained one day, but that just ended up in a beautiful rainbow) and it was just what I needed.

I hope you are all doing well - I'm dying to hear more about you. I've thought about this post where I tell some things about myself - what I wan't in the future, dreams etc. and then you tell me all (or at least something, haha) about yourself. I'd love that - what do you think about it?

PS. I'm still working on the room tour video but it turned out really weird so I'll film a new one asap.


You've probably seen the Lanvin for H&M video, because it's everywhere in the blogosphere. But if you haven't take a look underneath:

To be honest I thought I would like the collection - I mean Lanvin for H&M, come on. But somehow I'm disappointed. I think all the other H&M designer collaborations have been great, but I'm not crazy about this one. Girly one-shoulder dresses in flower-prints or neon colors like hot pink and yellow– we’ve seen this before haven’t we? Usually I’m not posting things I don’t like, because I see no reason to write angry posts telling you why I don’t like something. But hey, a critical post now and then is okay. So here comes my question – do you like how the collaboration turned out like?


Sorry for the incredibly bad blogging, but I have so much stuff going on. Or well, I had. Today I've been very sick. I feel so bad, and I just want to get well again. Wish me luck!