How old are you? I'm 14 years old.
What facewash/lotion, etc. do you use? I'm using the "Basis Sensitive moisturizing cream" from Lavera every morning and night. I recommend it 100%, it's so good!
Why are you writing in english when you're danish? I've been writing english on this blog as long as I can remember, and that's mostly because most people worldwide can read english.
Which country do you come from? I come from Denmark and I've lived here all my life!
How do you get your hair to do what it does? Um.. I don't really do that much. I wash it - ofc. and I usually let it air dry.
How do you make ripped tee's? I'm not going to tell you yet, because I though of doing a ripped tee giveaway, and telling how to do it would kind of ruin the excitement.
Do you live in Copenhagen? Yes, I do!
What are the best fleamarkets in Copenhagen? I would recommend the flea market behind Frederiksberg's city hall, which is every Saturday in the summer-period!
If your b-day was comming up, what would you'r wishlist be? It would be long! Armygreen Admires from Acne would be one of them!
Which camera did you use in your post "City lights"? My beloved Canon EOS 1000D.
Do you wear makeup? Sometimes, not near always!
Where do you buy your jewelry? Any good online stores? I buy most of my jewels on fleamarkets and in vintage/thriftstores - I find the most lovely jewels there! But try they've got some really cute rings.
Have you always been interested i fashion? No, not always, but in a pretty long time.
What id it like that your parents are divorced? Does it effects you? Yes, of course it does effect me.
How can you afford all that clothing? I work sometimes, I get pocketmoney etc.
How tall are you? About 160 cm.
How would you define your style? I don't like to define anyones styles, I find it so difficult. I miss words, but I would say my style is simple, personal and very mixed.
Can you soon post the photos from your school dance thing? Yes! The only reason I have not posted it yet, is because the photos are on my friends camera. I'm sorry!
Where do you get inspiration from? Many places - my friends, people on the street, movies and old lady's.
Are you a model? No I'm not.
What do you like to do besides fashion? I like to hang out with friends, I like to relax with a cup of tea, I like to photograph now and then, I like to make jewelry, I like to be with my family and my dad's trying to learn me how to play the guitar, but I'm so bad at it!
What's your favorite movies? Right now it's Amélie!
If you should show one amazing picture -which? Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Thanks for all the sweet (and some not so sweet, haha) questions! I got over a houndred, but here's a few of them.