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WARNING: LONG POST COMMING UP. As far as I remember, one of you asked about "style advice" in the post below. So here we go - some thing I think about when I put together a look or when I'm shopping. This is just from my point of view, and I hate pretending to know more about this than you guys - because you are all so stylish. But here we go, enjoy lovelies.

1) BASIC - It's a beginning to get a cliché, but basic clothing is the sh*t. Personally I have tons of simple $6 tees and tops from H&M. I also got more luxe basic tees from Prada or American Vintage. Those I've bought because they stay in shape longer than the H&M ones. But I won't complain about the H&M basic tees - I truly recommend them. The colors I prefer are black, white, camel and grey. You can style them up and down, and my personal favorite - use them for layering. I love wearing a lot of layers and a basic tee or a top is perfect for layering. You decide if you'r basic tops and tees should be from Alexander Wang or H&M.

2) GOOD FIT - You're tempted - jeans on 50% off. You quickly grab a pair in what looks like you'r size and buy them. I've tried that too many times - it's a nogo! I always try on jeans before I buy them, because I hate when jeans doesn't fit me properly. A pair of good, well fit jeans are worth gold and can save any outfit, while a pair of weird, ment-to-be-skinny-but-they're-two-sizes-too-big jeans are just the opposite for me!

3) VINTAGE - You know me, I love vintage. I know many of you love vintage, but some of you probably hate it, or don't want to wear something that someone's worn before you. But if you're tempted about the idea of going vintage you should def. do it! When I'm in vintage/thrift stores I almost always find something. I love finding really old things, that you can't buy in stores nowadays. Some of my nicest dresses I've found in little thrift stores. I also love vintage because you can find things that can make any outfit more personal, and make you stand out from the crowd! I would recommend looking for leather bags, shorts & belts, because leather only gets more beautiful when used. Also hats, scarfs and jewelry are something I always look for in vintage/thrift stores and on flea markets.

4) ACCESSORIES - Personally, I love accessories (as any other girl, I believe) I always wear rings to complete my looks. A piece of jewelry can pimp up any outfit - even from little necklaces to giant statement ones. But as much as I love jewelry - earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and so on - it can easily get too much. Too many jewelry on one girl can be so distracting! I think it's important to let you'r outfit get some attention too. One of my dear friends always wear the right amount of jewelry and when I asked her how to "dose" the jewelry she said "I always put on a hell lot of jewelry in the morning, but I have a rule how to control it. I always take off half of the jewelry's I put on. It always works." And it's true! I use the method now and then, when I feel like I'm wearing to many jewels.

5) MIX FABRICS - This is just a little something I always think about when I put together a look. I like the effect of mixing fabrics, and I try to do it in every outfit. Mixing jersey with leather, fur with silk or knit with sequins. It always notice peoples look when they are excitingly put together. I also like layering different fabrics, like a jersey top underneath a leather shirt or something. All the little details count when putting together a look.

Do you have any advices you want to share? Thankyou!