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New in my wardrobe!
From left to right: turquoise shirt - vintage, checkered shirt - vintage, belt with "watches" on it - vintage, cap - Prada (Going to show you closeups asap, so cool!), CD - Youth Novels by Lykke Li, 1st sequin pants - H&M, 2nd sequin pants - vintage, denim pants - Cheap monday (Bought them in Weekday today - they are having a great sale! 50% off, got the pants for only about $30!), pink dress - Vila, Blue dress - Acne (showed you once before, haven't I?), oversize wolf tee - vintage, grey, brown, striped and tribal-patterned tees - H&M, black top with lace detailing - vintage, colorful bikinitop - H&M.
Kisses to all of you!