sorry for small pictures(!)
Hey guys! Thank you so, so, so much for the birthday-comments, and the comments about yourself on this (link) post - it was so much fun hearing about my readers! Okay, now to the point. My birthday rocked! I went to school, and afterwards I met up with my babe L downtown. We visited the danish coffee-shop called Baresso, and I enjoyed an icetea and a piece of cheesecake (I tell you the cake is good!) Then we went shopping a little bit - I'll show you what I got later. We jumped on the bus, and ate on Sticks 'n Sushi with my parents. Afterwards we watched SATC2 on sneak-premiere - lovely day! I'll tell you which presents I got... Maybe in a haul-vlog! @Elizabeth thanks for writing me about vlogging. Love ya! What do you guys think about the birthday-haul-vloggin-idea?