Todays mood: Happy because of the good weather.
Todays outfit: Isabel Marant dress - again. Need-to-be-washed-can't-let-it-go.
Todays hair: Loose.
Todays makeup: Only mascara. Boring.
Todays idea: A DIY-idea! I want to make a pair of shiny sunnies like the ones on the photo.
Todays craving: The Topshop American flag shorts. I need them! And guess what? They're sold out. Doh.
Todays person: Nanna (link) I miss her!
Todays blog: Fallies tumblr -
Todays hope for the week: That I can hang out with my baby Elizabeth (link) wednesday and that I'll get my bunch of math homework done. Ugh.

I wanted to try out one of these kind of posts, I got the idea from my friend Klara (link). What do you think? photocredit -