This is a list of things that I HAVE to do one day. Have to!

I'll dress like Imogen Morris-Clarke. Cool, boho and effortless.
Or, if I'm in the mood for something a little bit crazier,
I'll wear a red/orange power suit like Miroslava Dumas.
Then I'll go shopping! First thing to do is to draw out all the money on my account,
and then, without even looking at the price, I'll buy a pair of Acne's Atacomas in a size 37.
And because I like classic things, I'll visit my local Chanel store,
and purchase the lovely Chanel 2.55 bag - an always good looking bag.
Then, like Frida Gustavsson, I'll try out the new cowboyish Acne shoes, and - oh!
They fit me perfectly, I'll buy them too!
The last thing I'll buy is the lovely Miu Miu shoes (I have a thing for shoes... Not a good habit!)
How lovely are they? I'll wear them with a cute babydoll dress and messy hair.
Afterwards, I'll run by my hairdresser, and I'll dare to get a cool sidecut,
and rock it like Alice Dellal. Long live rock n roll.
Then I'll go crazy, and put on some black lipstick.
Yes, black lipstick. (In reality, I don't dare, but this is just dreams, right?)
When I'll get home, I will be tired after a long day of power shopping,
but I'll just have the time to make my room look like this,
and then I'll go to sleep, tired but happy.
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How do your list of things you have to do look like?