Oh dear god, Topshop - stop being so tempting please! How cool are those wedges?
Too cool, yes! I'm crazy in love with the peach-colored ones, how great would they look with ripped jeans shorts, simple tee with shoulder pads, wavy hair and killer sunglasses?
The two first, the peach-ones and the first black ones, are the same model, you can find them here. They are called "Wisteria Chiffon Tie Wedges" and they cost £68.00, thats how we like it! I don't really have the money to buy them, so please girls, go buy them for me! I can only imagine them on someone who really do not deserve these beauties, I only want these shoes to be happy, and to be on someone really cool's feet - make these shoes happy girls. You are the coolest readers I could imagine. xoxo.