I just realized that I have been posting an overload of outfit posts! Do you think I should post less or more outfit posts? I would love to hear from you, because I don't know what you like to read about. Anyway, right now I'm just sitting in my Sonia Rykiel pour H&M jumpsuit (Have you any idea about how nice this jumpsuit is to wear, I can't get out of it!), browsing through my favorite blogs, I have like... a million new posts that I haven't been checking on bloglovin' yet.
This is my new parka from Vero Moda which I'm kind of in love with (I'm kind of in love with everything, bah). And hey! Yesterday, I tried on the dress of my dreams! An A. Wang dress from an amazing vintage store in Copenhagen, I can almost afford it, but it is a size too small. Thinking about that makes me depressed, I was so close to get an Wang, A WANG. Oh, seriously, I wish I was a size M. xoxo.