GILES SS 2010 (or should we say 4010?)

Giles spring/summer 2010.

Yeah, as many others Im a sucker for Giles. The hair, the clothes, the colors, the materials, the bags, the "world". Everyhing "talks" to me.
Its really crazy and fashion forward with shiny materials, its almost "unhuman"-like.
Giles have very elegant jumped on the underwear-as-clothes-trend, and I love it!
If you want to steal the underwear-as-clothes style, and you dont want to wear your bra outside your t-shirt - you have to get a corsage!
Corsages used to be worn underneath the clothed, but now, you have to wear it ON your clothes! If you want to do it as crazy as Giles, then buy a corsage in a shiny material, in a funny metallic color like green as on the first dress in the video.

Another thing that I adore about this video, is THE HAIR!
I have written about it before, and I cant stop talking about it!
I love the "almost colored" hair, as an example some of the girls in the show have pink hair, but its not really pink. Its like "transparent"-pink. Its hard to explain, but watch the video and you'll se the amazing hair! I want hair like that!

What do you guys think about the video?