Hello, happy 1st December to all of you! I'm so tired but I can't go to sleep, because we have to decorate our house with shimmering christmas decorations haha ): Gosh, it's alreay christmas, what the heck, bring it on! I think December is going to turn out fine, but I'm a little bit worried for my money-situation. I think that there is so much lovely clothing in the stores at the moment! H&M, Gina Tricot and a bunch of lovely vintagestores like Wasteland and so on all kind of catches my atention right now. I want to buy it all. Like today, I was looking in Wasteland and i found this beautiful Ramones-tee, I couldnt resist so I had to open my wallet of course :) It's lovely, and Ramones is lovely. Everything is lovely. Also I visited H&M today with my friend, and i found a beautiful black sweater. I'll go buy it tomorrow! Uh, and one more good new, my cute boyfriend came visited me today, sweetiepie. -Pictures of the Ramones tee and my black affair is coming!
Laterlo, Maja.