- What inspires you? I got that question from a friend of mine.
I used some time wondering, drawing, writing, moving - all just to find the words who fits perfectly on the thing that inspires me.
It's hard but I think, that I've found some words.
I have been into fashion for quite a while now. When I started to "care" about fashion, I didn't know how, to make my outfit look like the idea in my head. But I know now... I think.
It's pretty much everything and nothing that inspires me.
It can be someone on the street, a picture, a song, a blink of light. But they all have one thing in common - they all give me a some kind of picture in my head. A picture of how I want it to be. It's not always that the picture is perfectly clear. Sometimes it's shaky, fragile, soft and I have to take good care of it, to make it last. Style and fashion is not about standing out from the crowd, just to get attention and be "special". You don't dress special just to be "different from others", you do it because there is something inside of you that's dying to get out. Something inside of you that is totally taking over you'r body, when you are near beautiful clothes. Something you can only put "words" on with clothes. A thing you can't describe, a feeling, a lust, a power.
I think there is many who feels kind of the way I feel. Fashion, style and inspiration is about creating. When I create my looks, I'm kind of creating a little fantasy world. A fragile world, that there is many who misunderstands or don't like, but I actually don't care. I'm not dressing very special, I know, but there is this little fireball inside of me, that's burning for fashion. I feel like I can show another side of me, with fashion. I can show all that I can't put words on.
That is what inspires me - something that helps me materialize all that I can't find the words to decribe.
// maja.