I'm sitting here alone, listening to far to high music with a glass of milk (actually I don't like milk but the schoolnurse said I should drink more milk-.-) So, what do you think santa is going to bring you this christmas? What is your wishes? My wishlist is faaaaar to long this year to be honest : ) - and some of the wishes are far to expensive, like these PERFECT Acne shoes. I love them. I love them. I love them. I love them more than anything else. But, there is one thing about them that I don't love. The price, they are far to expencive for my budget - 3195 dkk ): But I'll keep on dreaming. Now I'm in a bad mood because of these amazing, stupid shoes. Anyway, happy December all of you. Hoping to see Laura my best freind tomorrow and that means new photos! xoxo Maja.