Todays mood: tired, yet happy.
I-need-a-pair-of-high-heel-Dr. martens-mood.
Todays cant-wait-to: See Laura tomorrow, we are going to take pictures in Kings Garden. I miss her so much! Her blog; www.lama.itsallgood.blogspot.com
Todays favorite: Coca Cola zero and springrolls, at my place with Ida.
Todays wishes: Still the high heels from Dr. Martens, The totally perfect biker boots from Forever21 and a good mascara from YSL.
Todays musthave: my Borsalino hat. classic, yet funny.
Todays look: cut-off shorts from H&M, Tee from topshop, sweat from ChloƩ, belt from Miu Miu, Biker boots from Dr. Martens, Hat from Borsalino, fakefur from a big vintage market in NY.
Todays song: The whitest boy alive - burning.
Pictures; taken yesterday by me.

btw, look at this blog www.bythegirl.com , that is where I kind of stole the idea about making these kind of postes.