im used to it

My bag is from Juicy Couture, it's like my child, haha.
10 things I always carry with me in my bag:
1, My phone. always.
2, Make-up wallet. aka. Mascara, lipgloss, rouge & eighthour wonder cream.
3, My calender, I can't remember my plans without it.
4, My Ipod -can't live without.
5, My camera, but that's actually not always, I don't bring my camera to school.
6, My keys, home sweet home.
7, In school-days: My school books, faaaar to heavy.
8, My brown leather wallet.
9, Right now, something pretty wierd, some price-signs from Urban Outfitters.
10, A pencilhouse, use it in school and in train to draw quick drawings.
l a t e r l o - m a j a