hello ladies and gentlemen *: in my last post, i was sad. now im pretty happy, it changes : )
I found my moms old fake fur hat, its lovely.
I was checking look book forum, and i fell over an exciting post.
There was this girl, she didnt like when girls were wearing heels at school, i dont really know what to think. Cause' if you can walk them i thinks it looks great. But still, it can get too much. I brought some heels in NY, i think theyre amazing, but i dont know when i should wear them. I wear them on the photo.
i wish:
- a shirt with leopard pattern
- a long, black knitted scarf from h&m
-black Doc Martens
-black and white striped long sleeve shirt fron gina tricot
-a black "Short Extended Shoulder Jacket" from topshop
and looots more.
what i am wearing on the photos: fake fur hat - mommas, striped shirt - h&m in spain. shoes - zara in new york.