how do love smell?

this was a lovely day. here in NY, reality seems so far away. im not sad, not thinking about school and such. its lovely, but when monday comes closer and closer, i get more and more nervous ( dont know how to speel that :i ) but i know when i get back to school ill be happy cuz of my lovely friends. for example laura. shes not one from my school, but shes one of the nicest people in the whole world. shes amazing. my best friend. the story about how we met is actually fun. i was with my momma in the store for shopping food. and i say she stood in the other side of the room. she looked soooooooooo sweet and i went over to her. we started talking and now we are best friends :i

what im wearing on the pictures:
helmet - lillbrows
shirt - emma & sam
trousers - cheap monday
ring - a market

-love you all, see you soon..