hello! oh, i can't wait. im going to new york in a couple of weeks. Im gonna shop until i drop : ) As seen on the picture, i posted a new look on lookbook today. I think lookbook is a very very great homepage, i find a lot of inspiration there.
My grandma is sooooo cool, she have the coolest wardrobe ever! She's in love with Chanel and have a lot of the bags. And her jewellery, oh my god! I think that it was her that started my interest in fashion. When i was little i used to play dress up in her clothes, and tried all her faaaar to big shoes on. I tried her makeup and her jewellery. Sometimes, when im at my grandma and grandpas house i still find my self playing dress up in her clothes.
Sometimes we find my outfit for the next day together and even though shes so much older than me, she have the coolest style ever!
love, maja.